What Your Diamond Shape Says About You

Did you know that your diamond shape might be giving away secrets about your personality?






Saul Spero, a New York diamond appraiser, spent 25 years interviewing over 50,000 people to determine if there was any correlation between personality and preference of diamond shapes. In his book, Diamonds, Love, and Compatibility, he states that if a woman has a strong preference for any of these shapes, she can be characterized as follows:

Round: Family centered, dependable, unaggressive.

Oval: Individualistic, creative, well-organized, willing to take chances.

Heart: Sentimental, feminine, sensitive, trusting.

Princess: Disciplined, conservative, efficient, honest.

Pear: Conforming, considerate, adaptable.

Marquise: Extroverted, aggressive, innovative, career-centered.

What do you think? Do Spero’s claims hold weight? (No pun intended.)

Designer Spotlight: Tacori and Catt Sadler at 2012 Oscars!

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